Friday, May 25, 2018

Open Letter to FanX

We, attendees and participants of FanX, ask that the organization address our concerns. Like many fans of the conference, we are deeply concerned about the mishandling of the sexual harassment report and dismissive stance from the co-founders. While we appreciate that steps are being taken to rebuild trust within the community, our confidence in the current harassment policy and in the organization's resolution to enforce this policy has been damaged. We ask that you hear and address the following breaches of confidence. We are all accountable to the public, each other, and ourselves.

One: In a public statement, and without disclosing her name, apologize to the victim who filed the sexual harassment report for disclosing their private report to the media without their knowledge or consent. Admit that the victim's trust was violated, and promise future attendees who may report incidents that they will never undergo the same scrutiny or mishandling. Assure everyone that all reports will be heard, evaluated, and confidential. Keep the victims’ names confidential at all times.

Two: Hire a professional with experience writing, implementing, and upholding sexual harassment policies. Clarify the consequences for breaking the policy and reiterate that those consequences will be upheld. Removal and banishment from the conference should be among those ramifications.

Three: Address harassment complaints quickly. The past complaint was filed in October, and the complaint was not investigated until January. This shows a lack of concern and a reluctance to address the situation, as well as disregard for the seriousness of the issue.

Four: Recognize that trust is earned not through words, policies, and statements, but by a proven track record of implementation and action over time.

Our concern for the organization’s mishandling of this report has never been centered upon taking offense. Our fight has always come from a well-meaning place of making the convention safe for everyone involved. This can only happen if harassment is taken seriously. 

To rebuild trust and support, we suggest that the organization devote their attention to these outstanding issues. It is our hope that we may unite together against sexual harassment and provide a safe environment for our family and friends. Please receive this list of recommendations in the spirit it is given, with care and concern for all FanX employees, volunteers, guests, and attendees.


Robison Wells
Shannon Hale
Bree Despain
Emily R. King
Ally Condie
Dean Hale

Co-Signed by:

Brandon Sanderson
Maureen Johnson
Dan Wells
Howard Tayler
Annette Lyon
Mette Harrison
J. R. Johansson
Jessica Day George
Courtney Alameda
Lindsey Leavitt
Sarah M. Eden 

[We encourage all authors/artists/panelists/guests/celebrities/cosplayers/attendees to co-sign by leaving a comment below.]